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Genetic Testing For Mental Health Problems

Finding a mental health medication that works well and with minimal to no side effects can be a difficult trial and error process. In addition, it can take many months to figure out the right combination and dosing of medications that fits you and your lifestyle the best. Genetic tests from a proprietary testing center may show your provider how your genes can affect a list of commonly used psychotropic mental health medications. Currently, the results of genetic testing may help your provider and you better understand how you may respond to medications that treat depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other psychiatric conditions.

Benefits of Genetic Testing

  • It may help you avoid multiple medication trials

  • It tests medications used to treat several common mental health problems

  • You will receive a comprehensive, personalized report based on your genetic profile

  • May reduce unwanted side effects

  • Medication response may be higher

  • It may improve clinical outcomes and may improve response rates

  • Payment assistance plans for those who may desire it

How is the Genetic Testing Completed?

The genetic material for the testing is simple and done in one of two ways:

1. You can take a swab at your provider's office or

2. The swab testing kit can be sent directly to your home to be done at your convenience

*The testing kit must be ordered by your healthcare provider.

Genetic Testing at Pine Ridge Mental Healthcare

If you decide that genetic testing is right for you, your treating provider can order a genetic testing kit from Geneight proprietary testing centers. Genetic testing with Genesight is billed by Genesight and can be billed to some insurances. Genesight also offers a payment assistance plan for those who may desire one. Genesight genetic testing typically costs less than $330 for 95% of patients. (1)

Treatment For Long-Term Success

At Pine Ridge Mental Healthcare, we’ve found success using a variety of approaches to treating mental health disorders. Discussing these approaches with a trusted provider is the first and most important step. Getting your mental health under control is a key to improving how you feel.

Our mental health team works to reduce your reliance on medications by educating you about the different tools available and how life situations can affect your mood. In addition, we help keep you on track with regular check-ins to monitor how you are doing.

For more information for help managing your mental health, schedule an appointment online or over the phone at Pine Ridge Mental Healthcare in Owasso, Oklahoma. If you are interested in other services we provide, check out our services page.



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